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Gemalto has announced that it has started to deliver its electronic passport solution to Korea’s National Printer, Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation, through its local partner LG CNS.

Gemalto provides in particular its highly-secure, high-performance ePassport Operating System that speeds up border control. Its Sealys ePassport solution also increases personalization performance, significantly reducing issuing cost. In Korea, the Gemalto ePassport Operating System and application software are embedded in Gemalto’s highly durable electronic covers.

The protection of citizens’ personal information also requires an extremely high level of security. This is ensured by various technologies that are part of Gemalto’s ePassport Operating System, which has been certified against the international “Common Criteria” security evaluation process.

Gemaltos global expertise and product offerings in the government sector, particularly in ePassports, make them a natural partner for us, commented Dr. Moon Hyung Yoon, Business Development Senior Leader, LG CNS. “We are happy that our cooperation has brought about a solution that meets the particularly high Korea ePassport program expectations.

We are delighted to be part of this achievement, where we can contribute our latest technologies to the security of citizens of Korea, added Tan Teck Lee, President of Gemalto Asia. “The Sealys solution speed and durability advantages are clear and Korean ePassport holders will appreciate this secure and convenient way to travel.

Gemalto’s ePassport technologies are used in over 20 national ePassport programs worldwide including Estonia, Denmark, France, India (diplomatic), Malta, Morocco, Norway, Portugal, Qatar, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey and the United States of America.


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