Precise Biometrics releases a fingerprint reader for embedded, secure handling of fingerprint extraction and verification the Precise 250 PIV. The combined fingerprint and smart card reader embeds ANSI 378 technology and builds on the top-ranking fingerprint extractor in the US interoperability program Ongoing MINEX. The readers are made in the US and available the first quarter of 2011.

Precise Biometrics’ fingerprint extractors are top-ranked in the interoperability program Ongoing MINEX, organized by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST. This technology has now been embedded in the Precise 200 series fingerprint readers – the world’s most deployed combined fingerprint and smart card readers.

Precise Biometrics’ offers software and hardware for fingerprint recognition, which, in many cases, are combined with smart card technology. This means that a fingerprint is stored and matched inside a smart card, termed Match-on-Card. The PIV program does not utilize the inherent security features of the smart card, but instead use the card as a storage device. By using the card for storage, security can be vastly increased by handling all biometric processing in the fingerprint reader rather than in a computer.

Karin Sveheim, Director of Markets at Precise Biometrics comments on the Precise 250 PIV product release: “Our fingerprint readers are deployed in very high numbers within the US government. A major customer is US Department of State, who uses the fingerprint technology for both PIV and Match-on-Card applications.  With these new FIPS 201-compliant fingerprint readers, any agency can benefit from fingerprint extraction and matching taking place in a secure environment, rather than on a PC. This is a great add-on to our product portfolio consisting of both fingerprint readers and smart card-centric technology.

The Precise 250 PIV in summary:

  • The only fingerprint and smart card reader that adds biometric security to PIV programs
  • FIPS 201 approved, compliant with US government specifications for HSPD-12 and PIV
  • Embedded ANSI 378 minutiae template extraction and matching
  • Easy and intuitive usage

Meet Precise Biometrics at the Smart Cards for Government event in Washington, DC November 17-19 in booth 507.


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