With over 25,000 units sold, the ORGA 6041 L eGK eHealth BCS is already the most successful terminal in the public health sector throughout Germany. Within the North Rhine Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, over 50% of physicians use this terminal following its rollout in 2009.

Now that it has been approved as a signature application component, the device offers two central functions from one single source: besides being able to accept health insurance cards with the terminal, healthcare providers can now also use it to electronically sign and transmit documents with a Health Professional Card (HBA) or a physician’s card. This makes digital data just as legally binding and reliable as hand-signed documents.

The German Federal Network Agency announced its approval in October 2010. The card reader was approved by Gematik in 2009 (the German Society for Telematic Applications of the Health Insurance Card) for processing future electronic health insurance cards.

The card reader is a significant element of electronic invoicing for services rendered with the various German Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KVs), which is gradually becoming compulsory. Approval from Gematik means that the cost of the ORGA 6041 L can be refunded to physicians by the KVs within the framework of the German Financing Agreement for Physicians.

The ORGA 6041 L eGK eHealth BCS is compatible with the standard D2D, Sign Cube, Seccommerce, Aloha or Bremen Online Services components. It can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure using a serial or USB interface. Version 2.07 devices meet the requirements of the German Digital Signature Act and the German Digital Signature Ordinance. Ingenico provides a free update for devices with older versions on its website. Furthermore, the health insurance card terminal also meets practically all requirements for Gematik approval in accordance with the current eHealth KT/SICCT 1.20 specifications.

The ORGA 6041 L eGK and the complementary mobile solution for house visits, the ORGA 920 M eGK plus, will be presented at stand D 20 in Hall 15 of the world’s largest medical exhibition, the MEDICA in Düsseldorf, between 17th and 20th November 2010.

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