Old-Style Azerbaijan Passport Stamp and Visa
Image by tm-tm via Flickr

Trüb AG has secured a large order from the Republic of Azerbaijan. It concerns the supply of biometric passports – equipped with the polycarbonate data page manufactured by Trüb – the nationwide introduction of personalization centers, comprehensive consulting and project management services as well as long-term maintenance and support services.

The order is based on the know-how acquired by Trüb AG over many decades in ID solutions and confirms its leading role worldwide in terms of the quality, security and durability of its identity documents made from polycarbonate.

At the heart of this large order are new biometric passports complying with ICAO standards.

These passports are equipped with the polycarbonate data page containing an integrated RFID chip developed by Trüb. The data pages manufactured by Trüb made up of glue-free laminated polycarbonate films are equipped with a number of integrated security features and can be optically personalised by means of laser engraving. The data pages manufactured by Trüb are also characterised by their guaranteed lifespan of ten years and possess a patented and extremely robust binding with the passport. The special manufacturing process employed in this product makes Trüb AG one of the leading suppliers worldwide of exceptional identity documents that stand out thanks to their quality and high security features.

An integral part of the project is the design and construction of about a dozen personalization centres that will be used nationwide by local authorities to issue passports. The personalisation software TrackStar® and laser machines required for this purpose are supplied by Trüb. TrackStar® is an efficient software solution developed by Trüb for the personalization and data management of identity documents. Trüb is also responsible in the long term for providing maintenance and support for the solutions implemented.

The Republic of Azerbaijan has also asked Trüb AG to provide extensive consulting and project management services for the design and implementation of a complete system for issuing a new generation of biometric passports complying with ICAO standards. Amongst other things, Trüb will support the Azerbaijan authorities during the introduction of the new identity documents, in data capturing (i.e. the collection of personal data) and regarding the PKI solution (Public Key Infrastructure). The PKI system will be used to create the nationwide certificates which protect the sensitive information (the passport holder’s personal data, a facial image and two fingerprints) on the chip.

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