Gemalto has announced that the Danish State Police (“Den Danske Stat ved Rigspolitiet”) has renewed its multi-year agreement for a complete Sealys ePassport production and issuance service. The new outsourcing contract is for five years with an option for an additional five years.

At the heart of the contract, Gemalto provides its Allynis Issuance operated services, which include ePassport personalization from its Denmark-based secure service center, and delivery to citizens. The comprehensive set of services enables the Danish Police to benefit from a smooth and trouble-free process, with a regular flow of delivery, ensuring citizens do receive their passport within a very short delivery time.

Gemalto also manages the production of all Sealys ePassport components, as well as booklet assembly. The travel document incorporates Gemalto’s secure laser-engraved polycarbonate data-page, fitted with innovative security features. The Sealys eData-page includes a contactless microprocessor running Gemalto’s highly secure operating system and carrying the holder’s digitized photograph, in addition to their demographic data already laser-engraved and human-readable. Gemalto has been deploying more than four million ePassports in Denmark up till now, as part of the previous contract.

To provide such a sovereignty service on behalf of the National Police in any country takes a very advanced level of experience, especially when it comes to security in the digital world, and a trusted business relationship. This has been established between Gemalto and the Danish Police over the years, and this contract renewal illustrates the continued confidence the Danish authorities place in our digital security solutions, and their strong satisfaction with our service quality,” commented Jacques Seneca, Executive Vice President, Gemalto.We see more countries in the future taking advantage of this nature of business relationship to optimize their investments while ensuring premium security and service to their citizens. Our ePassport solution provides Danish citizens with faster border crossing, increased protection of privacy for sensitive data, and a delivery time that can cater to their urgent needs.”


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