Why eID cards and Digital Signatures need each other

By Markus Hoffmeister & Klaus Schmeh, cryptovision GmbH. Developed in the 1970s, digital signatures are the technology of choice when it comes to protecting eID cards from forgery and manipulation. More generally speaking, digital signatures are an important means for making digital documents – such as contracts, receipts, and orders – reliable, provided that the private…

Cryptomathic first to undergo new eIDAS Certification for Remote Qualified Electronic Signatures

Cryptomathic has announced that it is the first eSignature solution provider in Europe to receive a certification ticket for the new Common Criteria certification process for eIDAS compliant Qualified Signature Creation Devices. Under the terms of the eIDAS regulation, trust service providers must use certified QSCD products to offer remote Qualified Electronic Signatures across the…

VIDEO: What is a Digital Signature?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIcBpRpiBoc   Watch this informative vid for an easy-to-understand animation on the importance of the use of Digital Signature - one of the key applications for national ID cards throughout the world. Estonia is a country at the front of IT innovation and their platform, e-estonia.com, gives plenty of insights on how they do it.