SECOIA Executive Consultants is an independent consultancy practice, supported by an extensive global network of experts with highly specialized knowledge and skill set. We work internationally with senior leaders from government, intergovernmental organizations and industry to inspire new thinking, drive change and transform operations in border, aviation, transportation and homeland security. SECOIA provides review and analysis services for governments in the field of Civil Registry, Evidence of Identity, Security Document issuance and border management. Also, SECOIA specialises in forming and grouping companies for sustainable, ethical sales success. Adding to the consulting and coaching activities, SECOIA offers Bidmanagement-Coaching and RFP preparation / Procurement assistance for Government offices and NGOs. Try us, and join the growing family of customers. 

Stephan D. Hofstetter. Managing Partner / Senior Consultant.

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Address: SECOIA Executive Consultants AG, Lisiloostrasse 198215, Hallau, Switzerland

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