In this edition of VAULT Magazine, we delve into the question of whether we can trust our visual perceptions, auditory experiences, and the data we receive. Our featured article, contributed by Marco Blume from Wibu-Systems, begins with the intriguing story of the renowned art forger, John Cockett. Highlighting the necessity for Certificates of Authenticity, Marco guides us through the digital realm of certification, certificate authorities, and Wibu Systems’s reliable CodeMeter Certificate Vault. Along the way, we uncover the fate of John Cockett and his forged artworks.

Steve Atkins from the Silicon Trust also contributes an article that explores the delicate balance between truth and deception. Titled “Unmasking the Threat: AI and the Future of Digital Identity,” Atkins discusses the evolving concept of digital identity in today’s hyper-connected world. As our lives become increasingly digitized, intertwining with online interactions like social media, online banking, and government services, a new concern emerges—the potential threat of artificial intelligence (AI) to our digital identities. This article delves into the technical nuances of AI’s impact on digital identity.

In another segment, Robert Bach from Infineon introduces us to their latest innovation, the 28nm Security Controller Family named TEGRION™. Featuring Infineon’s exclusive Integrity Guard 32 hardware security architecture, TEGRION™ streamlines application development, facilitating the creation of security-centric conditions vital for the success of current and future connected applications.

Meanwhile, Katharina Schuldt from Mühlbauer demonstrates how we can seamlessly traverse borders using an Automated Border Control system. The Mühlbauer Group’s solution offers a touchless and hassle-free travel experience while maintaining the highest security standards. Operating from the passenger’s personal mobile device, this decentralized, permission-based solution ensures compliance with health and hygiene standards, data protection regulations, and governmental security requirements. Learn more in the article titled “Queuing was Yesterday.”

In a world where discerning reality from falsehood is increasingly challenging, rest assured that the Silicon Trust is here to provide you with the truth you can rely on. Trust us!


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