This issue looks at the growing space of the metaverse, the rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) and how the implementation of NFC technology could be just what we need to bridge the Metaverse and our off-line world.

We look at the metaverse itself (courtesy of AdvanIDe), and explore the world of ArtsyApes – a group who are issuing NFT’s based on original real-world artworks but carrying an NFC chip on board. We also join cryptovision as they explain how secure identities could stop cyber thieves in the Metaverse itself.

We also take a look at VE-ASCOT with Wibu-Systems, a next-Generation OS for eID Applications with AUSTRIACARD and how travel should flow instead of falter with Mühlbauer.


This issue was also created in conjunction with our latest Online Seminar – Using NFC to bridge the Metaverse with our Universe. You can download the presentations from the event to learn more by following this link.

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