Wibu-Systems is an innovative technology leader in the global software license lifecycle management market. In its mission to deliver the most secure, unique, and versatile technology to software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers, Wibu-Systems has developed a comprehensive and award-winning suite of interoperable hardware and software solutions with multipurpose, multi-platform, and multi-secure-element support that protects the integrity of digital assets, technical know-how, and intellectual property against piracy, reverse engineering, tampering, sabotage, and cyberattacks.

CodeMeter, Wibu-Systems’ flagship technology, encrypts software, firmware, and sensitive data with top-notch cryptographic algorithms and methods. The licenses generated are stored in secure elements, including industry-grade portable hardware containers (USB dongles, secure memory cards, ASICs, TPMs), soft containers bound to the digital fingerprint of the endpoint device, and cloud containers.

As the concept of Industrie 4.0 is becoming reality and cyber-physical systems are getting connected in distributed, flexible industrial networks, plant engineers are shifting their attention from the specialized machines of yesterday to today’s software custo­mization. Through software, machine features can be activated or upgraded at the point of need to allow a far more fluent relationship bet­ween maker and buyer. This is where CodeMeter proves all its mighty! Established sales processes can be taken to a new level, a multitude of predefined license models can be mixed and matched to enable new customer-centric business schemes, and modular scalable business models can truly respond to the needs of the market.

CodeMeter is available for PC, mobile, embedded, PLC, and microcontroller systems; its seamless integration with existing back-office processes, such as ERP, CRM, and e-commerce platforms, is an additional key to boost operational performance and logistics cost saving.

Daniela Previtali
Global Marketing Director
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Email: team@wibu.com
Web: https://www.wibu.com


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