Logo PWPW_eng_CMYKPWPW is a commercial company, entirely owned by the Polish Treasury, with a long tradition and extensive experience in providing security printing solutions. The company offers modern, secure products and solutions as well as highest quality services which ensure the reliability of transactions and identification processes. It is also a supplier of state-of-the art IT solutions.

PWPW’s solution portfolio includes

• identity documents, i.e. e-passports, national identity cards, residence permits and visas;

• transportation documents, i.e. driving licences, vehicle registration cards, certificates of competence and tachograph cards;

• bank cards, plastic cards;
• banknotes, secured paper, excise tax stamps and postage stamps;

• electronic services.
For more information please visit http://www.pwpw.pl



Paweł Śniecikowski

e-mail: p.sniecikowski@pwpw.pl

Tel. +48 22 319 2182

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