MaskTech is the leading independent provider of high secure system on chip designs, embedded ROM masked products, security middleware, certification and integration services focused on human credential applications.

MTCOS – MaskTech Chip Operating System –  is a high performance and high security operating system, especially designed for secure semiconductors with powerful crypto co-processor and RFID, dual interface or contact interface.

MTCOS is available and certified Common Criteria – EAL 4+ on a unique variety of microcontrollers of different silicon vendors.

MTCOS is a fully open standard (ISO/IEC) compliant multi-applications OS, e.g. for ePassport, eNational ID, ECC, eDrivingLicense, eSocialSecurity, eResidencePermit, eRegisteredTraveler, eHealth, eVoting, eBoardingPass, NFC – Tag 4,  eMicroPayment and much more.

MTCOS is used in more than 40 eID projects worldwide.

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