cryptovision is a leading supplier of innovative cryptography & public key infrastructure (PKI) products. The lean and intelligent design of the complete product range makes it possible to integrate the most modern cryptography and PKI application into any IT system. All products are continually provided with the most state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms. In addition, the implementation of forward-looking technologies, such as elliptical curve cryptography (ECC), for example, ensures the products already comply with many future requirements, like the Suite B Standard. This way our customers achieve the maximum of security with the minimum of effort and a high return on investment (ROI).
. More than 30 million people worldwide make use of cryptovision technology:
. Public key infrastructures for highly secure identity management
. Smart card middleware for strong authentication and digital signatures
. E-mail security with encryption and digital signatures
. Cryptographic libraries to secure any kind of terminal device (VHDL, Assembler, C, C++)
Technology from cryptovision forms an integral part of many different kinds of industry-specific devices, such as bankcards, passport control systems, control units for automobiles, military command systems, eBilling, ePayment, satellites, speed cameras, and many other applications. What is more, cryptovision PKI products secure the IT infrastructures of diverse sectors of the economy, as the range of our references from private enterprise to government agencies attests.
The highly qualified consultancy services we provide underpin the effective integration of our security products. After successfully completing many major projects, our consultants possess a profound theoretical and practical expertise, further sharpened by close collaboration with product development. Our consultancy service spectrum ranges from the risk analysis of subsystems or standalone systems to the design of complete cross-platform cryptographic architectures.

Since August 2021, cryptovision is part of Atos