Taking the title of SECURED TRAVELS we look at how we can enhance the integrity of the ePassport as a secured travel document. To investigate this further, we have articles from both Mühlbauer and Infineon Technologies on the subject.

The German travel document specialist Mühlbauer talks about the development of a secured ePassport by incorporating individual images into the document; Integrating different security features into pictures on the visa pages to combine both design and security. You can read more in their article ‘Luminous safety on visa pages

We also have a long read on ‘Coil-on-Module contactless for polycarbonate datapages’ from Infineon Technologies. The company has developed a package solution for highly robust, flexible and long-term reliable government ID and passport documents that will also allow for a thinner eDatapage called Coil on Module. Coil-on-Module also allows the option for the adding of additional security layers that can help guard against datapage manipulation. 

Secured indeed!

Further in the magazine we also have a great article from Klaus Schmeh of cryptovision, titled ‘Post-Quantum Cryptography isn’t Rocket science – Or is it? ‘As Klaus himself writes;

Post-Quantum Cryptography is hard to understand for somebody who doesn’t have a mathematics degree. However, there are ways to explain it in a vivid and non-mathematical fashion.

Klaus Schmeh, cryptovision AG

It’s an entertaining and interesting read and we encourage everyone to check it out.

And last, but by no means least, on a new campus near the former freight yards of the Rhine valley’s arterial rail route, Wibu-Systems AG has not only given itself a new head office and production facilities, but also created the House of IT Security; a dedicated home, incubator and shared space for researchers, established enterprises, and aspiring young startups operating in the field of IT security. Wibu-Systems CEO and co-founder, Oliver Winzenried tells us more in his article ‘Digital sovereignty needs security’.

We also have industry news and an update on the rolling worldwide seminar that Silicon Trust hosted for Infineon’s SECORA™ technology over the last couple of months. 

All this, and more, in this quarters’ VAULT magazine Issue #30

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