Silicon Trust has released a new digital anthology. This anthology began as a series of six to seven individual articles, each aimed at delving into the intriguing realms of Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence and their profound influence on the realm of Digital Identity.

Originally, our plan was to release these articles sporadically on the Silicon Trust website or include them within the pages of our in-house magazine, ‘The VAULT.’ However, over time, we recognised the value of consolidating these articles and presenting them as a comprehensive digital reference publication for all Silicon Trust website visitors.

While we will still publish them independently, this anthology is tailored for those who prefer downloading and consuming material at their convenience. This digital anthology serves as an introduction, designed for those who are new to this captivating field and seeking a deeper understanding. You may notice recurring themes across different chapters, and that’s intentional. It’s meant to reinforce the overarching narrative and core concepts of the subject matter.

Given the breakneck pace of change and growth in these fields, it’s no surprise that we expect a short shelf life for this anthology – such is the nature of working in the ever-evolving realm of technology. Nothing remains static; everything continues to grow and transform. But, for the moment, this is where our exploration begins. Rest assured, it’s not where it concludes.

You can download the digital anthology by filling out the form below with your name and email address and once you press ‘SUBMIT’ we will supply you with the link for the download on the same page. Please be patience while the book downloads. Thank you for your interest!

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