AVTOR LLC is an integrator of cybersecurity solutions and the leading Ukrainian developer in the field of cryptographic protection of confidential information. The AVTOR’s hardware secure tokens and HSMs are based on smartcard technology and own smartcard operating system “UkrCOS” are compliant for operations with qualified digital signatures and classified information.

AVTOR provides services for development and integration of complex cybersecurity systems for automated systems for different purposes and any level of complexity and predominantly deals with:

  • protection of data transfer (IP-traffic);
  • secure electronic document management;
  • developing  corporate and public certifying authorities (CA) in public key infrastructure (PKI);
  • integration of complex information security systems;
  • development of special secure communications systems.

AVTOR’s prime customers are government authorities in such fields as defence, internal and foreign affairs, intelligence and security agencies. The in corporate sector AVTOR provides solutions for financial market and industrial clients.


str. Smolens’ka, 31-33
03057 Kyiv

Tatyana Kirichenko
project support manager
Phone/fax: +380 44 538 00 89
E-mail: avtor@avtor.ua, tatyana.kirichenko@avtor.ua
Web: http://www.avtor.ua/

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