Welcome to what we call internally ‘The VAULT Trustech Edition’. Mainly because the first print pieces will be available in Paris during the annual Trustech event. If you are there – please look out for it! However, this time, its’ two-for-the-price-of-one as we have also released, in conjunction with cryptovision, a VAULT Partner Special!

VAULT #35 covers the very subject that you can discover for yourself at Trustech on the Infineon booth – that of Biometric Payments. This issue we have an article from Infineon’s Wolfgang Schindler on how biometrics could impact the future of payments. Later in the issue we also look at how Secured NFC can also enhance a user’s brand experience while at the same time countering (?) counterfeiting. Both of these topics can be discussed on the Infineon booth at Trustech G035 in Pavilion 5.2.

Our featured article belongs to Wibu-Systems as they ask the question that we should all be asking, ‘Can we trust AI?’. Dr. Carmen Kempka, Head of Corporate Technology, Wibu-Systems makes a compelling case – using cats (hence our cover graphic). It’s an interesting read and we encourage you to take a look.

Our VAULT Partner Special is courtesy of cryptovision. Within its pages you can read an interview with AdvanIDe’s Holger Roessner and cryptovisions’s Ben Drisch, find out why eID card projects need middleware, how to stop cybercriminals conquering the Metaverse and how to enhance eID documents with FIDO authorisation.

Adam Ross also considers a question posed by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DOA), ‘what if by drinking beer, you could change the world?’. It’s a fascinating read that blurs the line between the analog and digital. Don’t miss it!

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