The industry’s premier hardware based secure ID partner program

The Silicon Trust is a well established advocacy and lobbying program for smart card, document and mobile  solutions with high visibility in the worldwide government and  identification (ID) markets. It was set up in the year 2000 as a key partner  platform for international companies aiming at promoting the use of  hardware-based security in a broad variety of applications.

With more than 30 companies along the value chain, the Silicon Trust forms a strong community of like-minded companies. The driving force behind the Silicon Trust is Infineon Technologies, supported by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and the Fraunhofer Research Institution AISEC in the Silicon Trust advisory board.


The Silicon Trust program focuses primarily on:

  • Educating and developing relationships with key government decision makers about technical possibilities of ID systems and solutions
  • Development and implementation of marketing material and educational events, workshops and lobbying meetings
  • Bringing together leading players from the public and private sectors with industry and government decision makers
  • Identifying the latest ID projects, new business developments and technical trends in new market areas

Content Dissemination:
The Silicon Trust sponsors The VAULT, a bi-annual print publication. It contributes both articles and adverts to push the message of the Silicon Trust and it’s partners. The VAULT is distributed at key trade shows and conferences as well as at Silicon Trust events. The Silicon Trust also published technical white papers and application reviews.

The Silicon Trust also produces, films and directs a variety of management interviews and products demonstrations for release through online platforms such as the site, YouTube and partner sites.

The Silicon Trust also embraces a variety of social networking platforms to enhance resonance of partner messaging as well as views expressed by the Silicon Trust on a variety of hardware based secure solutions.

Media Partners
The Silicon Trust also works with a variety of media partners and conference organisers around the world to ensure that partners of the Silicon Trust get the best deals and best exposure possible.

Focused on attracting key system integrators from the security industry and government representatives, the Silicon Trust organized workshops, for example in London, Rome, Bucharest and Brussels, to discuss important topics for smart card-based projects within the ID market.

Benefits of Membership in the Silicon Trust

Visibility backed by credibility – active participation puts your company in  the forefront of leaders in the industry and government through trade and  business media contacts, meetings, conferences and the media’s interest in  the Silicon Trust organization and events. Be featured and get involved in  the Silicon Trust blog,, and help create the organization’s voice. Use the  organization’s magazine – the VAULT– to get your company’s message across.  Use the Silicon Trust ghostwriting, video production, social media and  publishing expertise to transport your message to the relevant marketplaces.

Establish valuable contacts that can help your organization improve and grow, using the Silicon Trust’s meetings to maximize business opportunities.

In order to push your company’s message, content production is a must. The Silicon Trust is set up to help you create relevant content: Video and audio production, management interviews, tradeshow coverage and article ghostwriting by the industry’s most acknowledged journalists.

Social Media:
Be part of the online social scene: Visibility on Twitter and in the blogsphere is an effective tool to educate interested parties about your companies offering and news. The Silicon Trust is set up to disseminate news via the various online and social media channels.

Influence on policy makers, media, analysts and other players:
as an organization the Silicon Trust provides a unified, credible voice that no single member can achieve alone. The program also allows access to decision makers, European politicians and media influencers.

Advance knowledge:
Getting information from a variety of sources and acting on it before many “outsiders” even know it is happening.

Make research and its implementation more cost effective:
Sharing work with other members reduces the time and cost needed to evaluate new business models, plan complex implementation details, develop best practices and resolve industry issues.

Business and industry outreach:
Promoting the effective level of silicon-based security in many sectors is good for members’ businesses, and helps lower costs and increase vendor choices for users of silicon-based security systems.





For more information, please contact the following Silicon Trust personnel;

  • Steve Atkins, Program Director (steve.atkins(at)
  • Yvonne Runge, Partner Director (yvonne.runge(at)silicontrust .org)


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