TrustSEC have announced the release of the TrustSEC Bio Access control card. The access control card will facilitate the users’ authentication experience in conjunction with high-security measures.

Organizations across every industry seek dependable, practical, and secure solutions for identification, with an often overwhelming variety of choices .TrustSEC’s Bio Access control cards combine both a simplified authentication process, by successfully authenticating the person’s identity over physical access points, and logical access with the user’s unique fingerprint.

Access control physical vs. logical access

Access control is the selective restriction of access to a location or other resource. It is used to regulate individuals’ views, access, or use of specific resources and/or information. The two main types are physical and logical.

Physical access control is the selective restriction of access to a site, which is often performed through a range of security mechanisms that regulate and track who enters and leaves a facility. smartcards are one of the top technologies used in Physical access control systems.

Logical access control is managing/restricting virtual access to data; it includes identification, authentication, and authorization protocols to identify who has the right to access a specific software or hardware. Logical access control mechanisms are dependent on many factors, such as passwords (Something you know), smart cards, tokens (something you have), and biometrics (something you are). The three factors when used together provide the highest security levels.

Biometric Authentication on the card

The biometric technology used on the cards depends on the Match-on-Card (MoC) feature that will store the holder’s biometric data and protect such communications with encryption. TrustSEC Biometric smartcards demonstrate a high level of flexibility as the technology used within the card is adaptable enough to integrate with any applet, is durable enough to last for many years, and provides user-friendliness; the card’s portability makes it easy for users to carry in their wallet.

In addition to the automated Identification, and Access Control Solution, other applets could also be Personalized on the card for example applet for Secure Document Exchange.

The solution would be vital for governments, banks, and enterprises where high-security measures are a must. TrustSEC Bio Access control cards’ reliability and durability will replace the complexity of the day-to-day operations with just one card.

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