Following on from a successful online seminar for the EMEA region, Silicon Trust continues to present their SECORA™seminars for APAC and the Latin America regions on the 6th and 12th May respectively.

SECORA™ is Infineon’s family of one-stop security solutions with integrated operating system (OS) providing a cost-efficient way to fast and agile implementations. It is based on a solid chip platform, which is highly secured and reliable as well as easy to install and delivering best price-performance ratio.

There are four SECORA™ security solutions subcategories:
SECORA™ Pay – Flexible solution providing a complete portfolio for everything from contact cards to smart payment accessories, combined with the latest EMV-ready applications, to meet regional market requirements. 

SECORA™ Connect – System solution for smart wearable to provide contactless secured payment, ticketing or access applications via Near Field Communication (NFC).

SECORA™ ID – Ready-to-go Java Card™ solution optimized for all electronic identification (eID) applications allowing maximized customization for local needs. 

SECORA™ Blockchain – Fast, easy-to-use Java Card™ solution supporting best-in-class security for blockchain system implementation.

Also speaking are representatives from Fidesmo presenting “Onboarding Payment and other Services to Smart Device“ and cryptovision presenting “Fast prototyping of multipurpose eID cards on Infineon‘s SECORA ID X platform”. 

The Silicon Trust, Infineon Technologies, Fidesmo and cryptovision are offering a unique look at this secure solution in a two and a quarter hour online seminar. Space is limited so please confirm your place soon. You can view the speakers, the agenda and register for the APAC or Latin America events by following this URL –

The presentations for the APAC seminar will be in English and the Latin America seminar will be in both English and Spanish language.

Register now for SECORA™ – A secure solution for Payment, ID, Access, Wearable & Convergence Applications –

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