In this new ‘Digital Age’, it has become increasingly important to remember passwords or where one has stored information that has concrete value. Individuals have lost millions because they have forgotten passwords or caused organisation great distress to recreate their identity. However, these problem can now be a relic of the past as CardLab introduces a biometric card system capable of solving these issues and many other privacy concerns.

CardLab CEO, Frank Sandeløv has announced that CardLab has passed a critical milestone by releasing its first two biometric card solutions as a result of a 3½ year project supported by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 program grant agreement 757096, QuardCard

CardLab is a leading technology provider and manufacturer of all types of electronic Smart Cards and has been the project coordinator of the Horizon 2020 project in collaboration with the Danish software company QuardLock, responsible for the backend authentication solution helping to make an unbreakable link between a person’s physical and digital identity.

CardLab BASIC and ADVANCED Cards

After successful testing, CardLab is now releasing the contactless energy harvesting BASIC card that is suitable for access controlpayment card and any other contactless solution with NFC or Bluetooth. No longer is there the need to touch fingerprint readers or PIN pads and risking contracting infectious substances (COVID-19, Ebola etc.). The card can connect to any host device such as PC, Smartphone, contactless readers etc.

The ADVANCED card contains an energy harvesting, rechargeable, battery, a display and many security features that provide a high level of connectivity, security and hygiene-control and provides the option of having multiple accounts in one card.

This makes the card perfectly suited for Government & Identity solutions incl. Covid-19 vaccination passport, payment card (with dynamic OTP, DCVV and PSD2 authentication), Health Card (on card medical record) and blockchain and Crypto currency keys. With this solution, it is possible to provide both unique user identification and full privacy protection by help of the card tokenization system.

The card solutions comes with the CardLab BIO-Operating System, protecting the user’s identity from hacking and identity theft. The BIO-Operating system is a special integrated version of “SLCOS” TrustSec Smartcard Operating system. TrustSec is a specialized card Operating systems and security software developer that has collaborated with CardLab to develop a new CardLab version of its OS. The card is also prepared for TrustSEC FIDO 2 token system for secure passwordless authentication.

We have been very happy to work with TrustSEC on this solution and would also like to pay tribute to Fingerprints in Sweden, FreeVolt in the UK and Infineon in Germany for their contributions and positive collaboration. We have been able to make the markets most secure and versatile solution by help of “State of the art” FPC1320 series fingerprint sensors from Fingerprints. Infineon contributed with the Secure Element, securing peoples data stays private when CardLab BIO-OS is integrated and the collaboration with FreeVolt has secured the cards have the most efficient energy harvesting system seen so far, which makes the card work without battery in more readers than any other card solution.

Frank Sandeløv. CEO, CardLab

Since the completion of the project, CardLab has received significant interest in the card solutions and is right now in collaboration with several potential customers, looking at applications ranging from access control, health insurance cards, COVID-19 bio passports, blockchain authentication, and crypto certificate storage with biometric protection. Production has already started with the first customers.

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