Continuing a successful collaboration between X Infotech and IN Groupe, a Tachograph certificate issuing solution has been delivered and successfully implemented in 3 European countries: France, Hungary and Luxembourg.

The solution replaces the 1st generation Smart Cards solution with 2nd Generation that brings GPS tracking as enhanced functionality; bringing a new technological platform that meets the transportation and logistics industry requirements – the smart component for data record automatization and digitalization.

A digital tachograph is a device fitted to a vehicle that digitally records its speed and distance, together with the driver’s activity, selected from a choice of modes. It’s a digital version of the analogue tachograph system. The digital system records information on a range of vehicle and driver activities. Data is stored in the vehicle unit memory and on driver cards.

X Infotech offers a turnkey solution fully compliant with the requirements of the Generation-2 Smart Tachograph specifications. The complete solution includes delivery of technological equipment, software and related services, such as integration of all components into single system along with the technical support after implementation.

The offered solution is fully independent and compatible with various equipment currently available in the market. Moreover, the solution is modular, which allows to upgrade the system with minimal impact to the existing environment at any stage in the future.

X Infotech delivered solution complies with all the requirements of the Generation-2 Smart Tachograph specifications. The cogent advantage of the complete solution provided by the partnering companies is a full-spectrum product and services delivery, that includes technological equipment, software and various services, like integrating all components into a single system along with the technical support after implementation.

Source: X Infotech

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