In its latest research into the global identity market, the most definitive analysis of the digital identity market to date, Goode Intelligence forecasts that the combined revenue opportunity for electronic identity and document verification (eIDV) and digital identity will be $27.38 billion by 2024.

Alan Goode, founder and CEO of Goode Intelligence and author of the reports, said “The need to enhance customer experience coupled with the ability to onboard new customers to services through remote digital channels, web and mobile, is a pressing requirement for many organisations seeking to reduce their physical footprint and support digital transformation projects.  Digital identity and document verification services aim to support digital onboarding and meet the latest Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) regulation.  This is an exciting time with plenty of opportunity for the industry.”

Goode Intelligence’s Identity Series comprises of two market analyst reports; The Digital Identity Report – The Global Opportunities for Verified Citizen & Consumer Digital ID: Market & Technology Analysis and Forecasts 2020-2025 and Digital Identity & Document Verification Market & Technology Analysis & Forecasts 2019-2024.  With a combined total of 400 pages of in-depth analysis into the digital identity market, the research provides six years of forecasts covering the period 2020-2025 and examines:

  • Digital Identity Verification
  • Digital Document Verification
  • Identity Verification Orchestration
  • Digital Onboarding
  • Biometric Identity Verification
  • Government Issued Digital Identity including:
    • Digital Driving Licences (DDL)
    • Digital Travel Identity
    • Digital National ID
  • Commercial Issued Digital Identity including:
    • Financial Services Digital Identity
    • Telecommunications Digital Identity
    • Digital Identity for Travel
    • Healthcare Digital Identity
  • Technology analysis including:
    • PKI
    • DLT/Blockchain
    • Biometrics
    • Document Authentication
    • AI/ML-based identity verification
    • Mobile Identity

The reports additionally features exclusive interviews with leading experts from the identity ecosystem including AllClear ID, BAE Systems AI, Callsign, Daon, DIACC, Entrust Datacard, Experian, Evernym, G+D, Gemalto, a Thales company, IDEMIA, ID For Africa, IdRamp, Intellicheck, iProov, Onfido, Signicat, Truu, Veridos and ZignSec.

Further information about the Digital Identity Series can be viewed at or by emailing


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