Embedded Computing Design announced Wibu-Systems, the global powerhouse in the IT security arena, a recipient of the coveted Best in Show Award at the Smart Production Solutions (SPS) conference in Nuremberg, Germany. The choice reflects the industry’s great reception of CodeMeter Certificate Vault, the company’s solution launched earlier this year to combine the DRM and the strong authentication worlds.

Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter Certificate Vault is a hardware-based key storage provider for PKCS#11, Microsoft CNG, and OpenSSL certificates. It has been designed to allow the secure storage and use of the keys for TLS certificates or OPC UA instances. The technology takes away the complexity of requesting, updating, and importing certificates by applying the same creation, management, and rollout workflows that are already typical in license and entitlement management.

Certificates are critical elements of security as they allow machines and human operators to be identified with absolute certainty – a must in the connected age. However, certificate management and secure key storage have traditionally been complex and difficult to administer. CodeMeter Certificate Vault changes that paradigm: It relies on the same hardware medium and underlying CodeMeter technology that has been protecting the technical know-how of software publishers and IIoT pioneers since 2003. CodeMeter Certificate Vault stores the certificates in a tamperproof smart card chip embedded in a hardware secure element (dongle), the same container that holds the cryptographic keys associated with secure software licenses. The process greatly simplifies key management and distribution, while integrating seamlessly with the license management workflows. For added convenience, secure dongles are available in a variety of form factors, from USB sticks or secure memory cards to ASICs, including industry-ready variants.

Marco Blume, Product Manager of CodeMeter Certificate Vault, said: “We are always grateful to receive recognition for our security technology advancements by industry organizations like Embedded Computing Design, and even more so when we prove their disruptive potential in the IIoT business. Security is our only focus. The use of certificates to protect digital assets and identities is a critical authentication mechanism that M2M vendors ignore at their peril. Making the process easier to manage is our way to ensure the security of a digital world.”

Wibu-Systems was one of four companies to be awarded Best in Show, along with Laird Connectivity, Moxa, and Syslogic.

Source: Wibu-Systems

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