By Viacheslav Tatianin, AVTOR LLC

Digital technologies now proliferate all dimensions of modern business and social life, meaning that rooted IT security is now a‘must-have’ principle for big corporations, government agencies,and SMEs. The digital shift we have been part of has reinforced the need for the application of high-security tools – even for common cases.

AVTOR is a Ukrainian vendor; one of the first integrators ofcybersecurity solutions in public and corporate sectors andhas an extensive portfolio of successful projects with financialinstitutions, energy and infrastructure. The cumulative knowledge in IT security and defense that it has accrued since 1994, hasallowed AVTOR to produce high-quality software and hardware solutions that can be adapted to individual client’s needs.

The flagship solutions of our company are hardware and software solutions in the field of cryptographic protection of information, data transfer security, an in-house developed Public Key Infrastructure system, secure special telecommunication, electronic signing solutions, access control and many others.

The core of the AVTOR’s security solutions is smart card technologyempowered by “UkrCOS®”, our own smart card operating system. Smart card solutions have opened a broad range of possibilities for securing systems from SCADA level to value chains in a secure andefficient way. In this narrow niche, we offer solutions in different form factors and interfaces, such as:

  • Smart cards CryptoCard-338;
  • USB SecureToken-338;
  • MicroSD with a smart chip.

CryptoCard and SecureToken are designed for authorizationcontrol, electronic document flow, authentication of usersand secure storing of keys, and the MicroSD secures financialtransactions.

These previously mentioned solutions are developed on highlysecure smart chips from global leading vendors – specifically Infineon Technologies.

For that reason, AVTOR’s solutions have three levels of security:

  1. Technological – based on the technology of smart chip production;
  2. Hardware – based on the security of the smart chip;
  3. Software – based on the “UkrСOS®” operating system.

Our Operating System “UkrСOS®” is a unique solution and asource of corporate pride.It was fully developed by AVTOR, andis now being used in all company solutions. The main feature ofthe “UkrСOS®” is the simultaneous data transfer management, memory distribution for data processing, and secure operation of all applications.

“UkrСOS®” empowers the hardware security devices to become a universal instrument in securing transactions, access control, authentication, qualified digital signing etc. Universality andhighly secure reliability of AVTOR’s solutions have made itbecome a leading vendor in Ukrainian market, with a permanently growing client base.

At the same time, AVTOR’s presence is now being felt beyondthe Ukrainian market. The strategic goal of the company is the development of new solutions adapted and certified for penetration into the global market of cybersecurity.

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