A new study by the European Commission has found that implementing electronic identification (eID) and trust services in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) business processes offers many benefits for SMEs. Benefits include less administrative burden, more efficient business processes, significant reduction in costs and safer electronic transactions.

The market analysis of the study has found that currently few SMEs have implemented such solutions offered by the Regulation on electronic identification and trust services (eIDAS Regulation). To increase awareness about the benefits of eID and trust services for SMEs, a pilot programme was launched that produced communication material, such as webinars, videos and a guidebook.

The study has carried out a SME market analysis regarding eID and trust services. The market analysis includes a general analysis of the European SME market and in-depth market analyses of France, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany and Spain. Furthermore, based on the market analysis, the study has identified drivers and barriers to adoption of eID and trust services by SME. The study has also identified four key sectors for adoption of eID and trust services and has highlighted use cases. The key sectors are the financial sector, the online retail sector, the transport sector and the professional services sector.

Based on the findings of the market analysis, the drivers and barriers and the key sectors, the study team has launched a pilot programme. Given that the study found that many SMEs are not aware of the benefits of eID and trust services, most activities of the pilot programme focused on raising awareness among SMEs, but the pilot programme also included elements for SMEs with more knowledge on eID and trust services. The pilot programme has developed a dedicated webpage and a wide range of material for SMEs on eID and trust services. The website and most of the resources are available in English, German, French and Spanish. On the eIDAS for SMEs website many other material can be found, including:

Finally, the study provides some recommendations, including developing and establishing a long-lasting stakeholder engagement strategy and a capacity building and support structure for eIDAS, targeting member states and regional representatives, SME’s association and service providers.

The executive summaries of the study are available in English and French.

Full study

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