Smart Packaging Solutions (SPS) introduces a new generation of its eBoost PAY® inductive coupling technology with the 150µm SLam® G2. With this thinner and innovative prelaminate, payment card vendors are able to simplify their production process as they will be able to manufacture all cards with only one card body structure.

For instance, card manufacturers, in the situation where they are under pressure from their customers to support various assembly technologies and deal with several suppliers for each subpart, can now see their logistics dramatically simplified. As all prelaminates have the same 150µm thickness, card vendors can be certain they will make standard-compliant cards with a single supply of PVC card bodies. This way, they have only one type of PVC inventory to manage, leading to savings in logistics and supply chain costs.

As SPS S-Lam® G2 prelaminates are only 150µm thick, this leaves more space in the 0.76 mm card total thickness to have thicker PVC printed core. As a result, all printing processes will give better results. For instance, silk screen printing will be easier and deliver a better quality on thicker card bodies as there will be no risk of warp or shrinkage.

Finally, the thinner 150µm S-Lam® G2 prelaminates mean less material to transport between SPS factories and the card manufacturer; this not only reduces transportation cost but also decreases the ecological footprint of the whole card manufacturing process.

SPS new S-Lam® G2 is an evolution of SPS S-Lam® inductive coupling offer. As such, it inherits the certifications that were already in place for previous generations of S-Lam®. Card manufacturers evolving from SPS S-Lam® to the new S-Lam® G2 need not to go through any new qualification or certification processes.

Jean-Baptiste Leos, Banking Product Marketing Director at SPS, declares: “At SPS, we care about the industrial process of our customers. With S-Lam® G2, card manufacturers will get an ever improving industrial process that simplifies their logistics, makes printing easier and reduces their transport costs.”

Thanks to a brand new manufacturing process, this SPS new S-Lam® G2 offers the same advantages as the original SPS eBoost PAY® technology based on electromagnetic coupling between the antenna and the module (no physical connection between the chip and the antenna) and allows to increase total manufacturing capacity. SPS eBoost PAY® ensures the cards are significantly more reliable and durable than cards manufactured with other technologies. SPS eBoost PAY® brings card manufacturers a total flexibility as the same process is used to manufacture contact, contactless, dual interface and hybrid payment cards. In addition, these cards can support all distinctive features required by an increasingly sophisticated payment card market: various module sizes, foil, coloured edges, metal cards, heavy cards, non-standard formats, and more .

Source: Smart Packaging Solutions

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