SALTO is the selected access control option for over 3 million doors worldwide. ToP’s is a SALTO partner, who provides the SALTO access control solution for mountain lodges’ doors’ online readers at two customers’ ski resorts in remote locations in Sweden.

The resorts’ accommodation bookings are made and transferred using an online booking and administration system, which is also used to create a physical key card or a key in a mobile app for accommodating guests. To be able to run the system as a key as a service (KaaS) for the ski resorts’ reception, the SALTO BLE readers required connectivity with the resort’s reception and a SALTO server, located hundreds of kilometers away.

TOSIBOX® creates a fully secure remote connection between devices and is infinitely scalable to a tailored IoT ecosystem. It works anywhere in the world with all types of devices regardless of operators and type of internet connection. Thanks to the patented TOSIBOX® Plug & Go™ technology, ToP’s was able to build a local network between the sites and set up a VPN that would be the alternative to APN by operators.

“I did not expect the solution to be so fast to deploy as it was. We have now also connected camera surveillance communication and building management system to the same network with TOSIBOX®. All communication from buildings will then be performed through the secure and reliable TOSIBOX® connectivity solution to the server room in Stockholm,” explains Peter Eriksson, CEO at ToP’s Gruppen AB.

“In Scandinavia and elsewhere, where distances are long, the part of technology is to give a helping hand. Simplicity, reliability and security are exactly what Tosibox offers. To be able to trust that technology is there to help and security risks are counted for, means endless business opportunities for our customers,” says Jarno Limnéll, CEO at Tosibox.

The Finnish company Tosibox Oy has subsidiaries in Sweden, Germany and the United States. The award-winning TOSIBOX® products are used in more than 120 countries.

SOURCE: Tosibox

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