In 2017, the Argentinian government designated Mühlbauer as the official supplier for the installation of a customized, fully-automatic border control system, which comprises a total of 10 FAST GATES, at the harbor borders “Colonia Express” and “Buquebus” in Buenos Aires.

Within these two sea ports, a customer background system was already existent. Therefore, it was not only part of the project to provide the hardware and software system, but also to integrate it into the existing infrastructure. Within only 4 weeks, all the hardware and software requirements were built up in the Mühlbauer headquarters in Roding. Furthermore, Mühlbauer managed to adapt its in-house e-Gate software solution to the already existent infrastructure. For this project, Mühlbauer introduced its brand new web-based Border Guard Control Unity by means of which all eGates can be supervised on one monitor.

After customization on site, all Mühlbauer FAST GATES at the two Buenos Aires sea ports are fully operational since August 2018. Based on their outstanding performance and Mühlbauer’s excellent collaboration with local partners (the Argentinian Ministry of the Interior, NEC and Megatrans), the Argentinian National Migration Authorities decided to also install Mühlbauer’s reliable, state-of-the-art systems at the Rosario International Airport.

Furthermore, by end of 2018, Mühlbauer was also awarded to equip the Argentinian land border of Iguazu with automated border crossing systems – a fact which once again proves that Mühlbauer – within the scope of the first projects – has met the Migration Authorities’ expectations to the fullest.

Source: Mühlbauer

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