HID Global has announced that it has extended its HID goID platform so governments can more easily offer mobile identities to citizens from multiple authorised issuing agencies.  The platform is now available as a cloud service in a packaged HID solution or as a new, in-country offering operated locally with support from HID support teams.  HID says the new goID Gateway manages the provisioning of fully encrypted mobile identities from a central issuance system to citizens’ smartphones while ensuring the privacy of all personal information.

“We are delighted to announce the expanded capabilities of our market-leading goID platform with the addition of our flexible in-country goID Gateway,” said Rob Haslam, vice president Worldwide Sales, Citizen ID, with HID Global. “Now governments can choose whether to contract the management of end-to-end encrypted mobile ID provisioning services to HID or to invest in their own provisioning service, either on-premise or in the cloud.”

The goID Gateway has recently been added to HID’s end-to-end ePassport solution used by the government of Tanzania to enable provisioning mobile ePassports to citizens’ smartphones if their physical passport booklets have been stolen or lost in another country.  The goID in-country gateway also creates the opportunity for any public entity to deliver localised and dedicated mobile ID services to Tanzanian citizens in the future.

According to HID, the goID platform is for issuing secure identity documents to citizens’ mobile phones. End-to-end encryption ensures complete confidentiality of personal information to protect the issuing entity, citizens and gateway service provider, while allowing secure over-the-air provisioning, updating and revoking of mobile IDs. The goID Gateway is offered as a managed service operated by HID or, as in the government of Tanzania’s case, an in-country offering operated locally. The goID Gateway enhances the features of goID which include remote enrolment and provisioning, off-line verification, remote verification, role-based verification services, Bluetooth engagement and customisable functionality.

Source: HID Global

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