BlueID GmbH have officially joined the OSS (Open Security Standards Association e.V.), a grouping of companies with the general goal to develop, communicate and market standardised protocols, components and encoding within the access control market along with the associated security-related hardware and software.

BlueID’s goal is to simplify secure physical access control by offering a cloud-based access solution that enables user’s smartphones to open any kind of smart offline object, vendor-independent. The OSS Association’s offline standards tackle the challenge of the wide variety of different electronic off-line locks in the market. These locks are not connected by a cable to an access control system, but function autonomously and are powered by a battery. The access rights are read from the card and the lock will react accordingly. These rights are written to the card by the system, but each manufacturer has its own approach. Thanks to the OSS Standard Offline standards, locks of different brands can read the same access rights of the card and interpret it in the same way.

“Basically BlueID already today implements exactly this idea on its smartphone-based universal access platform”, says Florian Schiebl, the company’s Managing Partner. The BlueID solution profoundly helps with a mobile, token-based access rights management solution based on PKI which solves the hassle of private pre-shared keys on unsecure smartphones. “We basically bring military grade, high security into the commercial market, on people’s own smartphones and with a growing range of locks from various vendors, secured by BlueID.” BlueID integrates on all kinds of BLE enabled hardware like locks, cars, bikes, scooters, lockers etc.

BlueID GmbH has its head-office in Munich, Germany. The company continuously adds further
application/service providers and lock/hardware manufacturers to its ecosystem, making it the first and only universal independent mobile access platform solution in the market.

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