When German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier paid a state visit to Ghana and Gambia last week, he was accompanied by Federal Minister of Economics Brigitte Zypries and ex-soccer player Gerald Asamoah. In addition, about 15 German top managers joined the delegation – among them cryptovision-CEO Markus Hoffmeister.

The first destination was Ghana. In Ghana the issuing of electronic identity cards (GhanaCard) with cryptovision technology has started recently (the picture shows president Nana Akufo-Addo with the first card). The GhanaCard is a multi-purpuse eID document that features, among others, a digital signature and a payment function.

The travel program included an encounter with the project “Lionesses of Africa”. This initiative has brought 500,000 Africans to self-employment over the last three years. Hoffmeister was particularly impressed by young entrepreneur Farida Bedwei, whose company Logiciel supplies about 250 banks in West Africa with financial software.

From Ghana the delegation proceeded to Gambia in the far west of Africa. Since the beginning of 2017, the state, Gambia has been governed by President Adama Barrow, who succeeded the longtime dictator Yahya Jammeh. With his visit, Frank-Walter Steinmeier wanted to support the hoped-for democratisation in Gambia.

Read article about state visit: http://www.theafricancourier.de/news/german-president-steinmeier-visits-ghana-and-gambia/

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