IDEX, a leading developer of advanced fingerprint solutions for mass markets, has developed a unique new enrolment solution for biometric cards. This revolutionary, low-cost process allows users to enrol conveniently by themselves without the need to visit a branch office which is considered a barrier to mass deployment of biometric cards in the financial payment and security markets. This patented enrolment process is very safe as it takes place entirely inside the smartcard using its standard secure EMV chip and has no need for an external computer, smartphone or internet connection.

“This unique self-enrolment process that we have developed at IDEX is further evidence of our continued focus on delivering innovative and seamless end-to-end solutions for biometric cards. The mass adoption of biometric payment cards not only requires a scalable, low-cost, low-power, ISO form factor fingerprint sensor that works with existing payment terminals, but equally importantly it needs a simple, convenient and mass scalable way of enrolling users accurately and securely,” commented Dr Hemant Mardia, CEO of IDEX. “Our revolutionary new solution allows customers to enrol their fingerprints using a low number of touches by making clever use of the large capture area of IDEX’s off-chip sensor which reduces the need for accurate positioning of the user’s fingers. This is a major improvement in the simplicity, accuracy and cost of the enrolment process verses solutions available in the market today”.

IDEX’s new solution provides a very scalable and cost-effective enrolment solution for card issuers, while also ensuring a fast and simple enrolment for the card user. The unique and patent-pending process was specifically designed to maximize usability across a broad range of targeted geographies and user demographics. IDEX is working with key partners to incorporate this solution into their card payment products to support the expected broad commercial deployment of biometric cards in 2018.

Source: IDEX

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