By Wibu-Systems.

We believe in six core values that are shaping the business of independent software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers: uniformity, comprehensiveness, robustness, simplicity, uniqueness, and continuity.

CodeMeter, the technology for protecting, licensing, and securing the know-how of our digital age, embodies all of our values. CodeMeter supports multiple types of license containers at the same time: files bound to the target device (CmActLicenses), hardware units (CmDongles in the form factor of dongles, memory cards, and ASICs), and cloud vessels.

On top of that, it provides a license and entitlement management system based in the cloud or on-premise for the deployment of licenses on any kind of platform (PC, embedded, PLC, microcontroller). We have one hardware concept for all kinds of CmDongles available on the market. Whether they come with a USB connector or a card interface (SD, microSD, CF, CFast) or as a single chip for direct embedding on PCBs, they all come with a fixed bill of materials, long-term availability, high reliability, and industrial-grade design.

CodeMeter includes a comprehensive API and licensing and cryptographic functions that can be used on all major operating systems and processor platforms. It also supports license creation and deployment by integration in ERP, CRM, and e-commerce systems. CodeMeter is the answer to prevent piracy, reverse engineering, tampering, and cyber-attacks. For that purpose, it uses strong encryption algorithms like AES for symmetric encryption, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, and RSA for asymmetric encryption.

With this technology, we won the 2017 CODiE Awards as the Best Content Rights and Entitlement Solution. With our new Blurry Box technology that we developed together with KIT and FZI, we applied for the German Security Award in 2014 and won the first prize, the most coveted security award in Germany. We promised to prove the validity and strength of this technology in a public hacking contest, which we did earlier this year: more than 300 hackers from the global community tried to break Blurry Box. But the technology proved unbeatable.

With CodeMeter, we make it easy for ISVs and IDMs to protect their software with our Protection Suite. Furthermore, we simplify the license creation and deployment processes with CodeMeter License Central hosted in our Wibu cloud and easily customizable to match the corporate identity of the OEM. With CodeMeter, each dongle has the full functionality set; they can be used for stand-alone licenses, network floating licenses, or time-based licenses, and even store licenses from different vendors, fully independent from each other. SmartBind, our patented technology for securely binding our CmActLicenses to a fingerprint of the PC can also be used to bind the license to a hardware secure element on the target system.

For example, TPMs (the Trusted Platform Modules whose standards are specified by the Trusted Computing Group) can be used as a secure binding scheme of our CmActLicenses. For industrial customers, the continuity of products and services is vital because of the long working lives of their products and machines. We provide legacy support and security updates for every product we have made since 1989.

We are enjoying the loyalty of customers who started protecting their software with Wibu-Systems’ solutions in 1989 and are still using the same technology today.

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