Elyctis, an expert in ID card and ePassport readers, has introduced ID TAB Suite, a full software environment that transforms the life of application developers. ID TAB Suite includes a fully-fledged software development kit (SDK) including a Java API for Android, a web integration model, documentation and demonstrations. For instance, ID TAB Suite libraries already include routines for reading full ePassport data, or each data item individually (MRZ, contact data, contactless data, …).

Included with the delivery of Elyctis readers, ID TAB Suite is an open development environment that allows to build fast and easily ID control applications for the ID TAB – 9” series tablet or for any other Elyctis ID documents reader integrated in an Android device.

ID TAB Suite allows the online connection to a web server in order to exchange data in a secure manner, opening opportunities to interface with ID document databases to perform any type of control.

For ePassport applications, ID TAB Suite provides EAC (Extended Access Control) and PACE (Password Authenticated Connection Establishment) authentication method including new cryptographic algorithms. More globally, ID TAB Suite allows developing applications able to read all types of ID documents, such as ID cards, driving licenses, etc.

ID TAB Suite comes with several demonstrations, documented in detail, such as a fast and foolproof online hotel check-in or border control, in which the ePassport is checked online against the ICAO Public Key Directory (PKD) where all the certificate chain and the digital signatures are verified.

ID TAB Suite goes along with ID TAB – 9” series, Elyctis tablet dedicated to verifying ID documents in mobility. The ID TAB – 9” series brings convenience to all situations where governments and private entities have to read ePassports, ID cards and, more generally, all types of ID documents.

The tablet includes all the necessary features to complete ID documents checks on the go.  Running under Android, the ID TAB – 9” series is natively equipped with 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an 8 Mp camera. The tablet body can include two modules, allowing to support a variety of features such as MRZ reading, RFID reading, contact smart card, contactless smart card, security modules, biometrics, magstripe, 1D/2D barcode, etc. This way, each combination of modules will make the tablet unique to fit the requirements of each customer. Moreover, thanks to the new “battery swap” feature, users can change the tablet battery without powering it off, leading to more comfort in use on the field.

Alexandre Joly, CEO of Elyctis declares: “The ID TAB – 9” series was a giant step forward in the field of ID document control. Now Elyctis brings a revolution in the life of developers with ID TAB Suite, that allows to develop applications fast and easily for a wide variety of uses.”

Source: Elyctis

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