CodeMeter is the enabler of a new economy that provides broader and more customized services, while protecting the know-how of the inventors, securing data communications, and seamlessly interfacing with digital marketplaces. In the old days of Industrie 1.0, steam and water used to power the mechanical industry. With the advent of Industrie 2.0, a new technical cycle began, fueled by electricity and labor specialization.

It saw the rise of the counterfeiting of physical goods. The Industrial Revolution 3.0 has brought technological innovations that have turned us into avid consumers of IT and electronics. The quality and functions of products began to be pirated with more ease and vigor. Now, in the age of Industrie 4.0, cyber-physical systems are increasing the connectivity between remote production plants and shifting the paradigm from customized hardware to software tailored business models.

However, this opens the door to new cyber-attacks, sabotage, and espionage perpetrated from within and from outside of vendors’ facilities. With CodeMeter, all parties are fairly rewarded and customers enjoy better service:

  • The vendor protects his machines with a dongle and controls the volume and type of the barrels emptied by his clients
  • The inventor encrypts his recipes and sells them via secure licensing to a marketplace in the cloud – The bartender pays for
    • A perpetual license for the drinks included in the basic lease for the machine
    • A feature-based license to power up his machine for large gatherings
    • A pay-per-use license for the extra recipes he downloads from the online marketplace CodeMeter also securely identifies the bartender’s machine and encrypts the communication.

Meet us at the IOT Solutions World Congress, 3 October 2017 to 5 October 2017, in Hall P5, E571. You can read more about what activities Wibu Systems will be taking part in by following the link here.

Source: Wibu Systems

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