Biometrics company Fingerprint Cards (Fingerprints(TM)) is launching a new module design, called the “T-Shape(TM)”. Fingerprints previously announced the launch of its FPC1300 series, a line of ultra-thin fingerprint touch sensors designed specifically to be integrated into smart cards. With the new T-Shape(TM) module design, Fingerprints is taking the next step towards high volume production of its
FPC1300 series.

“This is an important launch for us. It’s a big step forward toward commercial high volume production of biometric smart cards, focused specifically on contactless payments, an area in which we are best positioned to deliver the low power consumption required”, said Thomas Rex, Senior Vice President, Business Line Smart Cards at Fingerprints.

Fingerprints’ previous launch of the FPC1300 series made the sensors available to the broader market. Fingerprints is leading the development of contactless smart cards and is ready for high-volume production of its FPC1300 series. The T-Shape(TM) sensor module design is optimized for integration into smart cards following the existing fully automated industry process. It is designed to pass the ISO standards for smart cards, and pre-qualification shows compliance with tough Card Quality Management (CQM) requirements, using the same design as billions of ISO pad production already use today.

“We are on the right track with our smart card engagement, meeting not only the demands of highly price sensitive customers and production processes but also demands from end consumers in terms of security and ease of use”, concluded Thomas Rex.

The T-Shape(TM) module is distributed on an industry standard delivery format, making it easy to integrate using existing infrastructure and machinery. This results in a lower total card cost. The module has a small footprint and is ultra-thin, taking card aesthetics into consideration. It is the most power-efficient module on the market, excelling in contactless power harvesting, which is the fundamental criteria for a functioning biometric contactless card.

The first T-Shape(TM) module is already being offered in the form of samples shared with partners and will be available for supply in commercial volumes at the end of this year, following extensive development and collaboration with Fingerprints’ smart card industry partners.

Source: Fingerprints

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