The Biometrics Institute is pleased to announce its first activity in the African region; the running of the popular and well supported “Introduction to Biometrics” Short-course. The course will be held in South Africa on the 30 November – 1 December 2017.

“The Biometrics Institute has been set up to educate on the responsible use of biometrics,” explains Isabelle Moeller, Chief Executive, Biometrics Institute, “and we feel this popular two-day introductory course is a great starting point to engage with the region. We have run this course around the globe and it is always well received. Our attendees evaluate this course highly and find it useful, practical, and also a great opportunity to meet others in a similar situation to themselves.”

When contemplating biometric projects, the decision to proceed and to choose which of the biometric modalities is most suitable is an extremely important process and this course provides an excellent insight into the technology.

The course targets anyone who is looking to use biometrics, ranging from government departments to private sector users and suppliers.

Moeller adds “This is a well-established course delivered by a very experienced subject matter expert, Dr Jim Wayman. One of our members recently commented that this course was the most wonderful experience as it was precisely as described, giving fundamental knowledge on biometrics in a very informative, understandable and entertaining way.”

The registration deadline is 30 August 2017 and delegates can register online at:

The Biometrics Institute is the not for profit independent and impartial international forum for biometrics users and other interested parties with currently over 220 member organisations including government departments, financial services institutions, the aviation industry and also the suppliers of biometric products and services.

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