safran_ivory-coastIn 2016, Safran Identity & Security, was selected by the Ivory Coast’s Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to assist with two very important elections for the country: the constitutional referendum on October 30 and the parliamentary election on December 18. The Ivory Coast once again renewed its trust in Safran Identity & Security, who previously contributed to the successful organization of the 2015 presidential election.

Safran Identity & Security contributed to every stage of the electoral process, ranging from the electoral census to the voting day itself. The company used its latest biometric technologies to ensure deduplication of the electoral lists, meaning that each voter only appeared once on the list and that votes cast on the election day corresponded to their civil identities.

The solution was used to revise the electoral list through biometric enrollment of new voters and of those who had changed addresses. This list, featuring over 6.3 million voters, was presented to the IEC before each election. On the day of the election, the solution electronically authenticated the identity of voters using their fingerprints and photo, and securely transferred the results once the votes had been counted.

“We are proud to have assisted once again the Ivory Coast during its elections. Our expertise and experience in this area allow us to respond to the national authorities’ requirements in a very short time and provide a comprehensive and operational solution. In this way, we can directly contribute to a democratic national voting process in this country,” said Anne Bouverot, Chair and CEO of Safran Identity & Security

For these different missions, Ivory Coast authorities used the company’s secure, biometric MorphoTablet, for enrollment, authentication on the election day as well as sending voting results. Over the past two years, 30,000 MorphoTablets have been delivered to the Ivory Coast.

Safran Identity & Security also provided training, technical assistance as well as logistics and maintenance support throughout each electoral process.

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