hid-accessHID Global®, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, has won the award for “Best Identity Management Platform” in the 2016 Homeland Security Awards Program.  The winning platform was the new HID PIV solution, which is the industry’s first end-to-end identity access management solution that enables commercial organizations and government agencies requiring higher security to use a single credential for accessing doors, IT systems, networks and data.  

“HID Global partners with several government agencies, helping to secure the identities of millions of government employees and contractors, so it is gratifying to receive this Homeland Security Award for a new innovation that we are excited to bring to customers,” said Brad Jarvis, Vice President and Managing Director of the IAM Solutions business with HID Global. “HID PIV provides trusted identities for accessing both IT and physical domains in a more efficient and effective way than was previously available.”

The Homeland Security Award for HID Global was announced last month at an event conducted by Government Security News (GSN), a top government security trade publication.  At the forefront of reporting about cybersecurity, GSN manages this award program, which is in its eighth year.  The judges for this competition included Chuck Brooks, who is known as the 2016 “Cybersecurity Marketer of the Year” and named # 2 “Person to Follow on Tech” by LinkedIn.

“Identity management is the backbone of ensuring sensitive operational capabilities across a myriad of systems and environments,” said Chuck Brooks, a security expert and lead judge of the GSN Homeland Security Awards.   “HID PIV is a solution providing an innovative technological edge and HID’s authentication technology is already well appreciated by a variety of government users.”

The company’s new HID PIV solution, which includes HID PIV Express™, HID PIV Enterprise™ and HID PIV IDMS™ (Identity Management), provides complete identity lifecycle management – from identity proofing, plus secure credential issuance and use, to deprovisioning of these credentials. Organizations are now able to unify physical and IT security systems to create a far more seamless experience for users, while also offering strong authentication which applies trusted credentials and other advanced security capabilities that are easier to procure, deploy and maintain.

“The award-winning HID PIV solution is the first integration of HID technology and Quantum Secure technology since the acquisition that combined the leader in physical identity access management with the leader in physical access and digital user authentication,” said Ajay Jain, Vice President and Managing Director of the Quantum Secure business with HID Global. “The Homeland Security Award recognizes the unique capabilities of this integrated HID/Quantum Secure solution to provide strong automation, improved compliance and lower costs while meeting all security, IT and facilities requirements.”

Adrian Courtenay, CEO and Editorial Director of Government Security News, said, “With this year’s HID PIV solution, HID Global has once again extended its string of outstanding identity management platforms.  Governments need the type of identity security solutions that the identity and access management experts at HID Global have delivered to advance the use of identities across physical and cyber boundaries.”

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