burkina-fasoOT’s (Oberthur Technologies) cutting edge solution, Lasink™, has been chosen by Burkina Faso through a multi-year contract to supply highly secure vehicle registration documents and driving licenses.

Through a public-private partnership, Burkina Faso’s Ministry of Transport, Urban Mobility and Road Safety has decided to introduce ultra-secure driving licenses and vehicle registration documents in order to improve the quality of service given to its citizens and modernise its vehicle and driver documents while combating fraud. In addition to driving licenses and vehicle registration documents, and in collaboration with local partner Megamonde, OT is supplying the enrolment and personalization system as well as the training that will enable Burkinabé citizens to benefit from the most modern and secure documents in Africa.

Burkina Faso’s Minister of Transport, Urban Mobility and Road Safety, Mr Souleymane Soulama, stated, “Burkina Faso has chosen to modernise and secure the production of its vehicle and driver documents by relying on a trusted industrial and financial partner, OT, which has been able to invest in making this project possible. The country is therefore taking a major technological leap forward allowing Burkina Faso to become the first African country to benefit from OT’s cutting edge technology, Lasink™, a solution that offers increased security and reliability, while creating jobs”.

Using the Lasink™ solution, OT’s cutting edge technology, the country’s driving license photographs are laser-engraved directly onto a polycarbonate card, which prevents counterfeiting thanks to its unique functionalities. Burkina Faso is therefore able to rapidly issue tamper-proof documents with simple, quick and innovative control methods.

The technologies used by fraudsters are constantly changing and OT continues to re-invent security functions to stay one step ahead of them. Lasink™ is the only colour-photo-on-polycarbonate solution that is easy to authenticate and that remains impossible to forge. This exclusive, patented technology by OT gives the card a lifespan of 10 years as well as the greatest possible security, mainly thanks to a card body that is impossible to delaminate.

The 5-year contract between OT and Burkina Faso is based on a volume of more than 3 million cards. OT is therefore becoming a long-term partner of Burkina Faso with a high-tech industrial approach that responds to the demands of the Burkinabé government.

“We are very pleased to allow Burkina Faso to benefit from our Lasink™ technology. It’s a first for Africa and we’re proud of the fact that this is with Burkina Faso. Thanks to Lasink™, the government will be able to implement a highly secure solution in order to reduce fraud and enable its citizens to authenticate themselves in a secure way and have complete confidence in their driving licenses and vehicle registration documents“, says Christophe Fontaine, Managing Director of Citizen Access & Identity Business at OT.

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