partnersGrowth capital investor Avedon Capital Partners has acquired a majority shareholding in WCC Group. This allows WCC Group to expand even more globally into new markets and also to further build on strong relationships with their current clients. Founders and former majority shareholders Peter Went and Mark Wegman will keep a share in WCC, but step back from the Executive Board. Wim Rietdijk, former COO, is appointed CEO.

“With the support of Avedon we are entering a new phase and starting to explore new markets. This also gives our employees the opportunity for personal growth and empowerment. In fact this is a milestone for us all”, says Wim Rietdijk. “Continued focus on the existing markets is extremely important. In the Public Employment Market the focus remains on workforce development. In the Identity Market, services based on a foundational identity of citizens is key. In addition, there is a growing need for WCC’s technology in other markets.”

Michel Verhoog, partner at Avedon Capital Partners said, “We have the ambition to accelerate WCC’s growth. We will actively support the company in the years to come, through both autonomous growth and acquisitions. WCC will thus remain an independent company. We are thrilled to combine WCC’s great expertise and skills with our experience with high-growth mid-sized internationally focused software companies.

WCC delivers software solutions to the Employment and the Identity Market. In the Employment market WCC serves many of the world’s Public Employment Services, as well as some of the world’s largest staffing companies. In the Identity market many of the world’s borders are safer thanks to WCC’s solutions. Besides border control, WCC is also active in establishing the identities of nations’ citizens and in many of the world’s refugee camps.

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