costa-ricaOT (Oberthur Technologies) has announced that, after its selection in 2015, its cutting-edge Lasink™ solution has started to be deployed across Costa Rica, through a multi-year contract to provide highly secure national ID cards.

This new ID card will provide the Costa Rican authorities with a solid foundation to develop going forward a trusted identity environment. The issuance of the high security ID card has been delegated through a contract between the Supreme Electoral Court, the Costa Rican Electricity Institute and Oberthur Technologies. 600,000 of these cards will be issued every year in Costa Rica.

OT, an expert in mobility, has developed the LASINK solution to help to combat forgery of identity card photos and to provide governments with the necessary means to strengthen border identity checks and protection of citizens.

Built on OT’s exclusive and patented technology, LASINK allows the document holder’s color picture to be engraved directly within the polycarbonate card. The document is extremely hard-wearing, with a life span of more than 10 years. The very unique Lasink pattern is easily recognizable but impossible to replicate with any digital printer. Scanners or smartphones are able to authenticate the document portrait. This will reinforce trust in many types of transactions including security clearance or Know-Your-Customer processes.

“OT is absolutely delighted to cooperate with the Costa Rican authorities and very proud to bring for the first time in the Americas its highly secure Lasink technology. Thanks to this solution, the benefits for the country are twofold: citizens have increased trust in identity documents and the government implements a solution which is impossible to counterfeit and straightforward to control” said Christophe Fontaine, Citizen Access & Identity Managing Director at OT.

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