safran_fidoSafran Identity & Security, the world leader in security and identity solutions, announced today that FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance has certified its solution enabling biometric authentication through electronic ID (eID) cards.

Safran Identity & Security helps governments offer more secure access to public or private e-services to their citizens by providing eID cards compliant with the FIDO standard. Citizens can use their eID card to locally store authentication information, thus reinforcing personal data  protection. This solution also enables password-free authentication with any FIDO compliant merchant or eService provider on any NFC-enabled phones or tablets.

The eID cards contain a chip which enables the card to store information in addition to what is already printed on the card, such a biometric data. Chile and Germany for example have already implemented this type of card. In certain countries, citizens can use their eIDs to access health services, pay taxes or even vote on line.

The user authentication is based on facial recognition, through a “selfie” which is then sent to the contactless electronic Identity card using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. A “Match on Card” algorithm matches the selfie against the user photo inside the electronic ID card, enabling users to forego the use of passwords.

Safran Identity & Security Chair and CEO Anne Bouverot said: «Safran Identity & Security is the first to offer governments a secure authentication solution on eID cards which is easy to use and safeguards personal data. With this solution, data is stored locally on the card and remains in the hands of the user, reinforcing privacy protection.

In January 2016, FIDO certified Safran’s mobile biometric authentication solution.

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