spanish borderAtos, through its commercial brand Bull, has announced that CENTINELA, its border control solution, now includes facial recognition and is now part of Atos license plate monitoring solution provided to Spain’s Authorities. 

CENTINELA manages Spanish border crossing points in an automatic way, analysing the information of incoming vehicles, their owners, and now, thanks to the new module, performing facial recognition and identification of vehicle occupants. The driver’s face is compared to the central database.

The Atos software cross-checks the facial recognition information with that of the license plate allowing verification of abnormal activities, such as the use of various vehicles by the same driver, an unusually high number of passes, etc. In the event of an abnormal situation, CENTINELA blocks the way by preventing the barrier from lifting and sends an alert automatically. The solution provides greater control and time saving thus facilitating the work of the authorities.

Adding a facial recognition feature in the CENTINELA solution enables to fight against illegal cross border activities organized crime and illegal immigration in a more effective way. A quicker border crossing for goods and authorized persons are at stake.

Reference vendor of border control and electronic identity documents solutions, Atos has deployed many solutions worldwide across the entire national security chain. Atos clients recently confirmed their confidence on biometric data capture solutions in Switzerland, Czech Republic and other Central European countries.

Atos won a contract in 2015 with Hong Kong government to design and deploy 159 ABC (Automated Border Control) gates (eGate), which leads to a fluid and secure visitor flow. In Spain, Atos solutions monitor around 5,000 kilometers of maritime boundaries, and the national identity card benefits from the Atos « match on card » (MOC) biometric solution. Atos CardOS, an operating system for smart card, is used in many electronic cards for health and identity documents worldwide.

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