ST_Partner Day 2016_3The agenda for the Silicon Trust Forum 2016 is now finalized. Please contact veronica.atkins (a) if you are interested in attending this event.

Date: September 15th 2016
Location: Infineon Campeon Conference Centre

9.30 Welcome & Introduction; Ingo Liersch, Infineon Technologies

9.40 Session 1: Secure ID Application Update

9.40 Strong Authentication & the FIDO standard, Jenya Klein, Infineon Technologies
10.00 eID Migration from card to mobile, Steve Warne, HID Global
10.20 eIDAS implementation, status update, Thomas Schnattinger, German Federal Office for Information Security
10.40 eID use cases beyond border control, Adam Ross, cryptovision

11.15 Coffee Break

11.45 Lightening Talks: New Partner Introductions

12.10 Session 2: Secure ID Technology Innovation Update

12.10 Demo & Presentation Update on Next Generation ePassports with
Logical Data Structure, Infineon Technologies

12.30 Session 3: Secure ID Production Innovation

12.30 Roadmap to making an ePassport: Insights into the production
process, Heinz Artmann, SID Consulting
12:55 Latest Packaging Innovations – from Coil-on-Module to inductive coupling; Helmu Strycek, Infineon Technologies Regensburg

13.15 Lunch and Networking Break

15.00 Session 3: Outlooks, Trends and Predictions

15.00 The 5-year forecast to 2021: Market update for chip card & Government ID; Acero
Nicolas, Infineon Technologies

15:20 Silicon Trust – Looking out to 2018 — Veronica Atkins, Krowne Communications

15:30 – 16:00 Wrap-up; Ingo Liersch, Infineon Technologies

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