SDW_trust_Blue_BoarNot only was SDW celebrating its 10th edition this year – the Silicon Trust Program also took the opportunity to bring together its partners for a memorable and entertaining night of networking and knowledge exchange. 

Networking and the exchange of ideas and knowledge is an integral part of the Silicon Trust Program, which offers an online news platform, publishes the VAULT Magazine twice a year, produces application reports and is present at industry events throughout Europe to produce video documentaries for its partners.

Even though the Silicon Trust program brings together companies from across the entire value chain of Secure ID – from software specialists to middleware and care manufacturers all the way to complete solution providers – the annual Security Document World conference and exhibition in London still pulls in a large portion of partners. Which, in turn, makes it the perfect place for a networking event.

This event saw 35 partners from 20 companies come together during the event in the elegant Blue Boar Restaurant to exchange ideas and catch up with industry news and market insights.

Companies present were: Abnote, Agfa, Artline Projekt, atos, Austria Card, crypto vision, De La Rue, Entrust Datacard, Genkey, HID Global, HJP Consulting, Infineon Technologies, Masktech, Orell Füssli, OVD Kinegram, PWPW, SID, WCC and X Infotech. 

If you are interested in joining the Silicon Trust please contact us using the contact form here.

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