Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan launches Irish Passport Card for use in 30 European Countries
Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan launches Irish Passport Card for use in 30 European Countries

DLRS, X INFOTECH, HID Global, Absolute Graphics and Purple Pod to implement the cutting-edge solution for the ICAO-compliant Irish passport card.
For the introduction of the passport card , DLRS delivered the security design, security numbering and mobile app in conjunction with HID Global technology and card provider. Absolute Graphics and Purple Pod delivered the enrolment system. The new Irish passport card is a state-of-art polycarbonate card with MRZ Line and the card contains  over 28 security features including embedded hologram photo on a strip- OSM, Kinegram, celtic knot pattern, thermochromics and optically variable ink as well as DataCard-Laser track numbering.

The passport application process is based on the latest technology, allowing users to submit a passport-compliant photo via mobile phone app or online via website. Algorithmic testing is  completed to make sure that the photo complies with ICAO standards. Once these verification checks are successfully completed, the user pays the application fee via the mobile gateway.

Currently, the production services have the capacity to deliver 3,000 passport Card applications per week. The passport card production is managed by the X INFOTECH solution, referred to as the MultiPerso Production Management System, for support of eID production. The MultiPerso production management system is a secure and robust solution that controls the workflow of the card issuance process. Additionally, X INFOTECH provided a smooth on-time integration with desktop personalization laser-engraving and mailer machines.

The introduction of the passport card is a significant innovation that will enhance the experience of Irish travelers as they go on holidays or business trips in the 30 countries throughout Europe. It represents a very positive story of Irish-led creative thinking and innovation,  illustrating that we are very much pioneers in this area,” said Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr. Charlie Flanagan T.D, speaking at the Passport Card’s launch in Dublin on the 5th of October 2015.

The third-generation passport card promotes mobility of travelers and allows Irish citizens to travel within the European Union and European Economic Area (EEA) without passport books. Additionally, the new service supports the government initiative to expand online public services and ensures Irish citizens fast and easy access to facilities.

We have successfully launched the state-of-the-art Passport Card project in Ireland – a unique initiative in the field of technology,” said David O’Connor, Sales Director, DLRS Group.Once again we trusted in X INFOTECH’s expertise in the deployment of premium eID solutions. We are thankful for the excellence of X INFOTECH’s work, project integration and understanding of the key project goals. Our partnership sets a benchmark for experienced teams to demonstrate the ability in providing cutting edge innovations for the Irish population.

The Passport Card enrolment process relies on cutting-edge technology that adheres to the highest levels of security. This process allows users to submit a passport-compliant photo taken on mobile phones or upload a suitable photo to the website, where advanced biometric algorithms test each one to ensure ICAO standards are  reached. Once all verification checks have been achieved, the user can pay their fees through the secure Elavon payment gateway

We are proud to deliver this ground-breaking solution to the Department of Foreign Affairs and the citizens of Ireland.” said Rob Haslam, vice president of Government ID Solutions for HID Global.The Irish Passport Card heralds a new standard in security and durability for smart cards. This highly-specific implementation of our OSM multi-tech technology, combined with the unique design and mobile applications, make this a truly exceptional credential program.

We are delighted to be among the key suppliers as part of the ground-breaking Passport Card project. The roll-out of the ICAO compliant Passport Card represents a turning point for credential management in Ireland. The Passport Card allows Irish citizens to experience convenient and secure travel within the Europe without a traditional paper-based passport,” said Alexander  Popov, Technical Director, X INFOTECH.Our joint forces with DLRS Group are powered by unrivalled expertise and a notable approach toward industry innovations. Together we are eager to face new challenges and opportunities in the provision of identity documents.

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