Screen shot 2015-08-14 at 09.41.03The new biometric passport integrates a new polycarbonate data page with overt and covert security features .
It holds 2 fingerprints in addition to the holder’s portrait and uses the Supplemental Access Control (SAC) protocol, a set of security features defined by the International Civil Agency Organization, to protect data contained in the micro-processor.
The new document has been redesigned and symbols of the country like Luxembourg’s national monument Gëlle Fra (Golden Lady), the Adolphe Bridg e or the Grand Ducal Palace already present on the former version have been given a new distinctive look.
The new ePassports offer stronger protection against fraud, increased trust in travel documents and compliance with the latest international standards.
The Grand Duché de Luxembourg’s authorities selected Gemalto as a one-stop provider for the new electronic passport and issuance solution.

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