Screen shot 2015-07-09 at 10.08.57Gemalto has successfully provided the nearly 200 California Department of Motor Vehicle (California DMV) field and investigative offices with its advanced Coesys Document Verification software solution. DMV officials can verify the authenticity of such documents as passports, identity cards and driver licenses by simply checking the graphical data and security features against reference templates from an array of issuing countries. Gemalto worked with the California DMV to bring an automated synchronization solution connected to a central document repository. This solution reduces the burden of manual updates on each authentication workstation located within the DMV field offices.

The California DMV issue thousands of ID documents every day and place a high premium on securing the integrity of an identity. Using Gemalto’s sophisticated technology, California DMV is able to streamline the review process, overcome the challenge of authenticating foreign documents and identify any document abnormalities or defects. Gemalto’s solution is designed to make it easy to quickly confirm on the spot the authenticity of documents and the identity of an applicant. For DMV representatives, Gemalto’s Coesys Document Verification is simple to use and provides instantaneous results identifying counterfeit documents and accepting genuine ones.

We selected Gemalto’s solution based on their demonstrated ability to meet our requirements and in the timeframe we wanted it delivered,” said Wesley Goo, California DMV Deputy Director.Gemalto’s experts understood our specific business practices and were able to provide a consistent solution to all our offices.

With Coesys Document Verification, California DMV has full control over their document library, which they can customize by adding templates at will or by enhancing authentication checks on specific documents,” said Steve Purdy, Director of Business Development.  

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